Having  taken a break for more than a year from blogging, I felt the inner urge to come back and share with you some parts of my life which need to be told to others. I have always had a deep interest in the occult.This led to having some beautiful experiences that led to my increased interest in energy work.

The last one year of my life has been the toughest. For me. For my husband. For my family. I love them. Without them I would not be back here writing this. I would also not be back if it were not for Viswam Baba and his continuous support that I receive each day. You may want to read about him on his website http://www.viswaguru.com.

When I wrote before, words would flow out of me. There was no thinking required.No editing. The last one year I tried quite a few times to express myself. Sometimes the energy is so mis-used (I mis-used it), that its entangled within.It consumes you in it.

But this morning, I felt light. Words have started flowing again. I have waited eagerly for this moment. I know the flow will now continue forever.Thats for sure..:)

I had deleted all the previous posts earlier. But will re-post them through out the year just in case you want to read them.

The name Divine Voice was chosen with a reason. There is a Divine Voice within all of us. Its drowned within. It is the Voice of Intuition. This voice needs to be developed and used within each of us. We need to exercise it – like a muscle. It gets fitter and fitter.

To develop this voice within each of you is the reason this blog exists. I write when the words flow. because that is the divine in me that writes.

Cheers to a renewed beginning and thank you all for being with me on this path.