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Foundation of the Day: Abunduntia: Prosperity

The  vibrations and frequencies in the universe are showering prosperity for everyone. The astral planes are cold and these cold waves are continuously being sent to the earth. Tune in to the frequencies around you. Receive abundance today.

Tarot Guidance for the Day: King of Wands

Today is the day of action. Action that is fuelled by the integrated fire of emotion, thought and spirit. Swift and Smooth Action. The masuline over feminine for today. A day of leadership and great vision.

Oracle for the day: Nemetona : Sacred Space

We look for sacred space outside us. Temples, altars, mosques, churches etc. It is time to invoke the divinity within us. It is time to build a sacred space within you. So that the space within creates a sacredness around you. Are you building the sacred space within you? Where are you investing your thoughts and emotions? What are you fiercely guarding? What do you need to let go?

Love and Light!