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I had been initiated into Reiki in the year 2007. In 2 years I completed my Reiki Level 2 and Level 3 a with my teachers. In a short span of time, my intuitive and psychic abilities grew exponentially. But as time went, I realized that I was getting all the symptoms that I was healing people for. Thats when I started reflecting on the issues of Reiki.

The problem with westernized Reiki is that it has put a process to a very higher order experience and phenomenon. There were no symbols and no methods when Mikao Usui taught Reiki. It was only after it was Americanized that symbols and methods, attunement processes appeared.

This is the fundamental problem with the current system in which Reiki is being taught. It is bound by a process.

The second issue is the issue of grounding. God or Universal Energy is in our heart.So, the grounding must be with God or w.r.t. the heart rather than with Earth which has vibrations of other human beings and many beings in general. When you ground yourself in your heart , you are grounded with Truth. The Truth that there is divine presence within each human being in the form of love.

The third issue is symbols. When you put the symbols, u have no idea whose energy is coming to you. You believe it is universal energy. But the universe is filled with all kinds of energies. How does one stop one type of energy entering or posing as a good energy. As Sri Aurobindo has said, there are all kinds of vital beings in this world. How does one really know which energy is coming. The best way to heal is self healing. heal with the energy of your heart. You don’t need attunements to look within your heart and draw energies from there.

When you draw energy from your heart, it heals every aspect of your being.

So tune into your heart, ground yourself with respect to your heart and heal your own self. You don’t need anyone external to help you. You have that divine presence in you.

Self healing is the best healing

Self guidance is the best guidance

Self love is the best love

Self acceptance is the best acceptance.

Truth is the only Truth

Lov and Light