Zen is not about thinking of the Divine while peeling the potatoes, its just about peeling the potatoes”

How simple this statement is yet so profound. Like Zen itself. This is true meditation. The ability to concentrate on the task at hand. Completely. Fully.Integrally.

I have tried many types of meditations during my Sadhana. But this method is the toughest. It requires one to completely give oneself to the action that is being performed. Think of nothing else. Not even God.

What makes this meditation tough is that there is no tool to latch on to. No Manthra, No Single Point of Concentration, No use of only the mind. This zen meditation requires one to use all faculties in the action – mental , physical and emotional. They need to be in sync to make it a spiritual act. One needs to surrender to the action. One needs to be sincere in doing the act.

If we can consciously practise just peeling the potatoes- then we are not very far from our goal of inner peace and love.

Lov n Light


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